16th (The Queen’s) Lancers – Military Tournament

April 20th to 27th 1912 at Agricultural Hall, Norwich

I managed to acquire an original copy of “Illustrated Records of the 16th (The Queen’s) Lancers with programme of Grand Military Tournament and Assault-at-Arms”.

16th (The Queen's) Lancers - Military Tournament Illustrated Records and Programme
Front Cover

I already knew that my great-grandfather, Francis von Malachowski was a Bandsman in the 16th Lancers, and that he was stationed in Norwich during this time. I thought it was worth buying on the off-chance there was any mention of my great-grandfather. Sadly this didn’t pay off, but it did include some information about the history of the regiment which may fill in some gaps as to what my great -grandfather did whilst in the regiment (as the service records I have for him aren’t very detailed).

However, he is likely to have been a musician in the band that played at the event, so it’s interesting none-the-less.

The booklet did contain a programme of music, so we might know what he was playing:

Programme of music
Programme - Saturday evening - April 27th 1912
Programme – Saturday Evening – April 27th 1912

The document also includes a list of personnel that made up the Tournament Committee, as well as a general list of officers and regimental staff (warrant and non-commissioned officers). Again, sadly no mention of my great-grandfather who was only a lowly bandsman. However I thought it might be useful if I shared the information in case it’s useful to anyone else.



Lieut.-Col. M. L. MacEwen

Major R. L. Macalpine Leny

Captain G. E. Bellville

Lietenant E. Copland Griffiths

Lieutenant and Adjutant Lord Holmpatrick

Lieutenant and Quatermaster C. J. Aris

photos of Committee Members
The Committee


  • R.S.M. F. Mullins
  • S.S.M. J. Parkin
  • S.M.S. J. McConnell
  • S.S.M. W. Sibley
  • S.S.M. J. James
  • S.S.M. J. Prosser
  • Sergeant G. Thompkins
  • Sergeant H. Harbour

General Manager – Major R. L. Macapline Leny

Assistant General Manager – Lieutenant E. Copland Griffiths

Equestrian Director – S.S.M. J. Prosser

Hon. Secretary – F. Mullins

Officers of the 16th (The Queen’s) Lancers.

As at April 1912

Colonel-in-Chief: General His Majestry Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, K.G., G.C.V.O.

Colonel: Major-General J. M. Babington, C.B., C.M.G.

Colonel: Major-General J. M. Babington, C.B., C.M.G.

Commanding Officer: Lieut.-Colonel M. L. MacEwen

Major R. L. Macalpine Leny (Second in Command)

Major C. J. Eccles (Weedon)

Major C. L. K. Campbell

Major E. St. J. H. St. John, D.S.O.

Captain C. F. Vander Byl

Captain A. Neave

Captain G. E. Bellville

Captain A. W. Macarthur Onslow (New Zealand)

Captain F. E. Adams (Weedon)

Lieut. W. J. Shannon (New Zealand)

Lieut. H. C. L. Howard (Weedon)

Lieut. E. L. H. Beddington (Staff College)

Lieut. G. F. H. Brooke (Cavalry School)

Lieut. J. Orr-Ewing (Somerset Yeomanry)

Lieut. Malise Graham (Yorkshire Hussars Yeomanry)

Lieut. E. Copland Griffiths

Lieut. E. R. Nash

Lieut. Lord H. W. Holpatrick (Adjutant).

Lieut. J. L. Cheyne (Woolwich)

Lieut. C. E. H. Tempest-Hicks

Lieut. T. L. Horn (Weedon)

Lieut. H. L. Evans

Lieut. R. A. J. Beech

Lieut. C. J. Aris (Quatermaster)

2nd Lieut. R. L. Loyd (Weedon)

2nd Lieut. D. R. Cross (Weedon)

2nd Lieut. J. G. W. Clark

2nd Lieut. G. V. Naylor-Leyland

2nd Lieut. R. B. Longridge (Special Reserve)

2nd Lieut. W. M. MacNeill (Special Reserve)

2nd Lieut. M. A. Arbuthnot (Special Reserve)

2nd Lieut. J. R. Collins (Special Reserve)

Regimental Staff

Warrant and Non-Commissioned Officers

Reg. No.  
5111      Regtl. Sgt-Major        F. Mullins
3889      Bandmaster              J. D. Markey, L.R.A.M.
5015      Q. M. Sergt.            J. McConnell
3033      F. Q. M. Sergt.         W. McClure
774       A.Q.M.S.                F. Walker
4036      S.S.M.R.R.              J. Prosser
4146      S.S.M.I.F.              J. James
4258      S.S.M.I.M.              W. Sibbey
5188      S.S.M. (O.R.S.)         G. H. Parker
3460      Sadlr. S. Sergt.        H. Frampton
169       Sergt. Master Tr.       G. B. Read
3961      Sergt. Cook             C. Keith
4932      Sergt. Tptr.            W. H. Jones
5091      L. Sergt. O.R.C.        W. Thorogood
5280      L. Sergt. S.T.M.        A. Brooks

Sergeants Major

3602      S.S. Major              J. Parkin
3714      S.S. Major              J. Bennett
4762      S.S. Major              C. Welton
3870      S.Q.M. Sergt.           T. Marsden
4088      S.Q.M. Sergt.           J. Hawkins
3955      S.Q.M. Sergt.           E. A. Webb


3899      F. S. Sergt.            W. Monaghan
4612      F. S. Sergt.            W. Finch          
4042      F. S. Sergt.            C. Bedwell


3524      Kyte, E. 
1909      Crocker, S.
3380      Scrutton, J.
3728      Higginbottom, D.
3660      Lewington, H.
3979      Postons, G. 
4521      Pargeter, F. 
3690      Norris, F.
4524      Tompkins, G.
4586      Austin, C.
3412      Kelly, W.
4539      Norton, F.
5121      Lindsay, W. 
3446      Bailey, E.
5009      Brill, F.
4530      Lambert, T.
5195      Hunt, M. 
4271      Archer, H. C. 
5104      Sibley, F.
3705      Thompson, J.
4485      Wakefield, F. 
4828      Wilson, A.
5043      Noakes, E.
5055      Williamson, C.
4890      Donovan, S.
4692      Cooper, F. 
5161      Rogers, W.
4752      McDermott, H
4535      Williams, E. 

Lance Sergeants

4460     Reynolds, R.
5336     Docwra, F.
5546     Harbour, H.
5491     Goodheart, O.
5477     Pinder, W.
4058     Butler, C. 
5252     Taylor F. 
5266     Shakeshaft, J.
5566     Budd, T. 
5398     Gundrill, H.
5639     West, S.
5078     Ross, J.
4901     Field, H. 


3664     Bridges, H.
5276     Willis, G.
3688     Brander, J.
5321     Duerden, F.
5244     Scarlett, F. 
96       Curtis, A. 
5701     Dunning, P. 
3689     Bishop, A. 
492      Miles, J. 
5661     Gibbs, A. 
157      Johnson G. 
5663     Collyer, G.
5672     Haynes, J. 
214      Smith, G. 
302      Lawrence, E. 
5682     Noakes, F. 
803      Bareham, F. 
5493     Crame, F. 
991      Thomas, J. 

Shoeing Smith Corporals

4659     Green, J. 
4704     Holyoak, E. 
5122     Crossland T. 

Saddler Corporals

4513     Meyer, C. 
4963     Pauley, W. 

Francis Victor Von Malachowski

Francis Victor Von Malachowski was my great grandfather.

Born: 20th September 1886 in Dalhousie, India

Died: Match 1948 in Norwich, Norfolk, England

Father: Adolph Von Machowski? (1853-1913)

Mother: Unknown

Francis was born in 1886 Dalhousie, India.

Military Service

At aged 11 (18th March 1898) he enlisted with the Corps of Lancers of the Line (16th Lancers) at the rank of “Boy” in Umballa, India. Although he stated his age as 14 on the army paperwork.

16th Lancers – Cap Badge
A 16th Lancer

On the 2nd June 1901 to 10th October 1902 he is shown as serving at Home (presumably somewhere in the UK).

On the 11 October 1902 it looks like he was deployed to South Africa returning “Home” in November 1904.

By the age of 16 (10th February 1903) he had been appointed to the rank of Private.

September 24th, 1909 – Stationed at Norwich Cavalry Barracks with the rest of the 16th Lancers.

Norwich Cavalry Barracks. Date Unknown.
Norwich Cavalry Barracks. Date Unknown.

On the 13th March 1910 (aged 23) he was appointed to the rank of Bandsman.

On the 10th October 1910 he is possibly mentioned in the Eastern Daily Press as playing in the Norfolk and Suffolk League. Specifically a match between C.E.Y.M.S. vs 16th Lancers at Earlham Road. The home team defeated the Norfolk Senior Cup-holders by 2 goals to 0. Private von Malachowski was listed in the team for the 16th Lancers.

On the 2nd April 1911 he recorded in the Census as living at the Cavalry Barracks, Barack Street, Norwich.

Autumn 1912 – Orders received for the 16th Lancers to proceed to Curragh Camp, Ireland.

Cavalry Barracks - Curragh Camp
Cavalry Barracks – Curragh Camp
Curragh Camp

On the 16th October 1912 at aged 26 he was discharged from the military at Curragh, Cork, Ireland.

I believe Francis re-joined the miltiary at aged 28 in 1914 to fight in 1st world war. He seems to have served in the Welsh Regiment.

He married Alice Hardy (1892 – 1982) on the 14th July 1913 in Norwich, Norfolk, and together they had quite a big family:

  • Frank V Von Malachowski (1916-1917)
  • Hughie Malachowski (1919 – 2005)
  • Grace Malachowski (1921 – 2001) (also my grandmother)
  • George Victor Malachowski (1923-2000)
  • Sidney Malachowski (1925 – 1998)
  • Stanley Francis Malachowski (1926-1994)
  • Alan Malachowski (1928 – 2002)
  • Olive E Malachowski (1930 – 1931)
  • Iris M Malachowski (living)
  • Peter Malachowski (1934 – 1934)
  • Dolly Malachoski
  • Shirley Malchowski

Money was tight, as my grandmother Grace Malachowski would always tell us that whomever was pushing the pram wore the one pair of shoes the siblings had between them.

In later life he worked at Norwich Union, in Norwich Norfolk. From what I remember there was mention of him appearing in staff magazines.